These 7 Independents can win with our help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind this campaign?

The campaign is by David Gravina (founder of the platform you are using, Do Gooder ) and Ryan Cross (business leader/technologist) with support from Ronen Mazor (Maze Products)


Who is matching your donation?

David Gravina
Ryan Cross
Ronen Mazor

How does it work?

For every $1 you give we'll donate a matching amount (2X), up to $15,000. At that point we'll have $30,000 and we're going to donate that to another 2X matching grant over at Climate 200 turning your grant into 4X it's original size!


Who is Climate 200?

Climate 200 is a fundraising and political capacity building organisation that backs local communities who want to ditch stale politicians and elect fresh independent voices instead.

How do i know my money will be transferred to Climate 200?

We will provide evidence in the form of certified receipts to show that the money you donated (and the matching money) were transferred to the Climate 200 matching grant. 


Why the rush?

We only have a week (from May 1) to transfer the money with a chance of it being spent effectively on advertising for the election. 

Will my donation be public?

Only if you want it too, let us know after you've donated and we'll make sure you're included in the donor lists over at Climate 200.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Not through the matching grant unfortuantely, but if you would prefer to donate with a tax deduction you can donate direct to one or more of the campaigns (up to $1,500) and recieve a tax deduction. Please let us know if you do so we can track our impact

You can find the donation pages by visiting the candidates vis the map above(click the volunteer button)